Corona (covid-19) update

We are very aware of the special Corona (covid-19) problems and the therefore needed measures according to Dutch regulations. Hopefully in August the measures will be in such a way that the WCM Summer School can take place in a physical form in Stroe (The Netherlands).

However we are already planning for changes in our regular program, e.g. incorporating the Dutch 1,5 meter distance rule between people, planning hotel rooms only for single guests, etc. In addition we are considering how we can divide the class for the various activities in smaller groups than we normally do.

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WCM Summer School 2020 – open for application! – case Royal Netherlands Army

Are you a technical Master/PhD student or young professional (within 10 years after graduation), with a special interest in Maintenance Management & Engineering, then apply to the nineth edition (before June 1st) of our WCM Summer School 2020 (August 10th – August 14th, 2020) and challenge yourself in our exciting program. 

“Challenge yourself in our multi-disciplinary Summer School on Maintenance Management & Engineering. Satisfy intellectual curiosity, gain new professional skills in the area of Maintenance and extend your professional network by joining the WCM Summer School″ (prof. dr. H. Akkermans, and director World Class Maintenance)

Please click here for a short movie about the WCM Summer School (Dutch)

You will learn about the exciting world of maintenance with all its aspects through our workshops on state of the art maintenance tools and approaches. Knowledge gained will be applied immediately as your analytical skills and creativity will be tested to its limits when you are solving the problems presented in our real life case study.

As organizers we are very aware of the special Corona measures currently in place in the Netherlands. Hopefully in August the Summer School can still take place in a physical form in Stroe. See also our most recent Corona update.

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WCM Summer School 2019: ‘They are all comprehensive solutions’

The eighth edition of the WCM Summer School took place at the military base in Stroe this year. During this week, 52 students were introduced to the latest in maintenance-related theory by means of seven workshops. Rijkswaterstaat provided them with a practical case study to which they could immediately apply this theory. “We look forward to working with the proposed solutions”, RWS-director Nienke Bagchus says on the closing day.

WCM Summer School is intended for young professionals with a maximum of ten years work experience, as well as university and technical university students in the final legs of their programs. World Class Maintenance (WCM) uses its own network to recruit participants. Potential participants submit a resume and a letter of intent, which will be evaluated by a selection committee.

Zie voor de Nederlandse vertaling:

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