About us

WCM Summer School background

The WCM Summer School is an annual summer school (since 2012) organised by the Ministry of Defence on the topic of Maintenance Management & Engineering, facilitated by World Class Maintenance. The University of Twente and WCM have been responsible for the organisation of the WCM Summer School since the first WCM Summer School.

Every year, the latest theoretical insights are presented in workshops and lectures by professors from Dutch universities. Other aspects of the WCM Summer School are working on a case from practice and leadership training. Participants are young professionals (80%) and PhD and Master students (20%) with a technical background.

World Class Maintenance facilitates cooperation between universities

WCM facilitates cooperation between universities in the Netherlands in the field of maintenance engineering, i.e. University of Groningen, Technical University of Delft, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands Defence Academy, University of Tilburg, Erasmus University Rotterdam and University of Twente.

World Class Maintenance and cooperation with industry and education

Under the banner of World Class Maintenance (WCM), many companies are working together with educational organisations to develop maintenance innovations that are essential for a sustainable, safe and developing Dutch economy. In WCM, educational organisations at all levels work together with a common vision and ambition to develop and disseminate top knowledge and top education. The resulting closer cooperation between knowledge centres, participating universities and industry enhances the valorisation of maintenance knowledge.

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