History WCM Summer School

The WCM Summer School is organized since 2012 by World Class Maintenance in cooperation with seven Dutch universities and the Ministry of Defense (hosting the event). The history pages show photos taken by Jenne Hoekstra and facts with regard to previous editions.

2021 Daes / Heijmans – hosted in Stroe
2020 RNA/Scania – hosted in Stroe
2019 Rijkswaterstaat – hosted in Stroe
2018 ASML – hosted in Oirschot  
2017 DMI – Royal Dutch Navy – hosted in Den Helder 
2016 Schiphol – hosted in Breda  
2015 NedTrain – hosted in Breda
2014 Liander – hosted in Breda
2013 RWS / Heijmans hosted in Breda
2012 STORK/ BASF – hosted in Breda