WCM Summer School 2022 – open for application! – case Gasunie on the energy-transition and design for maintenance

Are you a technical Master/PhD student or young professional (within 10 years after graduation), with a special interest in Maintenance Management & Engineering, then apply to the 11th edition (before June 1st) of our WCM Summer School 2022 (July 25th – July 29th, 2022) and challenge yourself in our exciting program. 

“Challenge yourself in our multi-disciplinary Summer School on Maintenance Management & Engineering. Satisfy intellectual curiosity, gain new professional skills in the area of Maintenance and extend your professional network by joining the WCM Summer School″ (prof. dr. H. Akkermans, and director World Class Maintenance)

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You will learn about the exciting world of maintenance with all its aspects through our workshops on state of the art maintenance tools and approaches. Knowledge gained will be applied immediately as your analytical skills and creativity will be tested to its limits when you are solving the problems presented in our real life case study.

As organizers we are very aware of the Corona measures currently in place in the Netherlands. We plan to organize the WCM Summer School as much as possible as we did last two years (within COVID-19 regulations) in a physical form. This means that we will either organize the WCM Summer School in physical form or we will cancel or postpone the Summer School to next year.


You will cooperate with other participants and you will be guided by our team of top professors in maintenance. On the last day your group will present will present solutions to the problems posed in the case study and a winner will be selected by a jury of representatives from industry and academia.


Besides lectures and work, we have also planned a company visit, a leadership training and a couple of social events; you are guaranteed to meet interesting people and have a lot of fun as well!

Please click here for the application form and more information about the application procedure.

Case case Gasunie on the energy-transition and design for maintenance

The maintenance organisation of Gasunie will be providing a real business case regarding Maintenance Engineering & Management.

Gasunie is a network company for energy. At the moment this is still mainly natural gas. With the energy transition, this will increasingly shift to green gas and hydrogen. The case study will focus on the maintainability and integration of new assets within the existing operations and maintenance organization.

The main question for you as a participant during the Summer School is to think about how Gsunie together with her stakeholders can use some of the available maintenance innovations to optimize the maintenance of these new assets from the design and introduction phase.