Young maintenance professionals become socially justified maintenance practitioners

As a participant of the WCM Summer School you are not only investing a week of your time in yourself or your company but also in society by learning how to conduct socially justifiable maintenance. More than 50 participants from different backgrounds (academia, companies and military) were trained during the workshops, practical case study and leadership program held at the Castle of Breda (KMA). This year it was Liander, the biggest network provider in the Netherlands that provided the real life case study.

_MG_0590-2The practical case presented by Liander raised an interesting question that many technical asset owners are trying to answer. The participants have focused on how to make maintenance more sustainable. In this case specifically, the key issue was to improve and make the maintenance of transformers more sustainable. Crucial as Liander has thousands of such transformers all over the country. The key question the participants faced was the following: Is it more interesting to invest in new types of transformers that are more sustainable to maintain, or is working longer with the current transformers indeed more sustainable? It goes without saying that a broad array of different options were located between these extremes.
The participants were challenged to think out of the box, yet without losing touch with the reality of the industry. The aim of the case was to come to a win-win situation: challenged participants on the one hand and on the other, a company that gains several new insights into tackling the question.

_MG_0491The winning team energetically presented a future scenario which showed that Liander took the right steps to invest in more sustainable transformers using innovative (amorphous) materials. To demonstrate the business case for this solution, they smartly incorporated the theoretic models on life-cycle management discussed during the workshops of the WCM Summer School.

Today’s young professionals are tomorrow’s leaders
The young professionals who participate in the WCM Summer School are still studying or have been working no more than five years in a maintenance job. The topic of sustainable maintenance is one they face on a daily basis. That is exactly what makes this year’s edition even more interesting and challenging. The aim of the program of the WCM Summer School is therefore not merely to give further training to the group of young professionals, but rather to present future-safe knowledge and skills. Indeed: today’s young professionals, tomorrow’s leaders!

_MG_0383About the WCM Summer School
The WCM Summer School is an WCM initiative and is organized by the Maintenance Education Consortium together with the University of Twente. Insights on smart maintenance gained by seven Dutch universities and competence centers are made tangible to the industry during the WCM Summer School. And that is of great importance because smart maintenance results in installations that are better available, more trustworthy, hence they have a longer life cycle, unnecessary investments are avoided, the safety and sustainability are guaranteed, in short the gains increase.
And what is more: by developing smart maintenance solutions, we are developing a new export product the whole world is waiting for: Dutch maintenance of world class.

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