WCM Summer School 2023 ‘A mirror has been held up to us’

How can the availability of the Cougar helicopter go up and how can deployment be more flexible from a maintenance perspective? And what lessons do we take to the successor of the Cougar? These questions were central to the practical case of the Royal Air Force during the twelfth WCM Summer School.

‘It is admirable to see how people were able to put down such analyses and solutions in five days’

This year’s study week at the barracks in Stroe concluded on 4 August with the election of the best solution. The five student teams with a total of 27 participants of different nationalities are diverse in composition. Asset owners like Shell and NS and knowledge institutions like Avans Hogeschool, University of Twente and University of Hasselt are represented, as well as service providers like Spie and Ilias. Staff from the Ministry of Defence are also taking part. Today, the teams will present their proposal to defence representatives and the public.

Before that, Jan Braaksma, director of the WCM Summer School, opened the closing ceremony by explaining the WCM Summer School. The summer study week on smart maintenance is a partnership of seven Dutch universities, the Ministry of Defence and World Class Maintenance (WCM). The target group consists of young professionals with up to 10 years of work experience, supplemented by college and university students who are in the final part of their studies. WCM Summer School is open to members and non-members of WCM.

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