The following lecturers are participating in the WCM Summer School:

Prof.dr.ing. Willem van Groenendaal
(University of Tilburg)

Willem van Groenendaal
Prof.dr.ing. Willem van Groenendaal

Willem van Groenendaal is an expert in the field of decision support, investment analysis and policy evaluation. He combines his academic research on policy support with applied work in projects all over the world (Bangladesh, Costa Rica, China, Indonesia, etc.).

Prof.dr. Marielle Stoelinga
(University of Twente / Radboud University of Nijmegen)

Professor of Risk Management for High-tech systems

Prof.dr. Marielle Stoelinga

How do we design our robots, nuclear plants, railway systems and heart monitors such that they are safe and reliable? How do we make sure that data centers and water supply systems are aways available?

I am developing quantitative risk assessments methods that ensure that the risks related to high tech systems lie within acceptable boundaries. I develop techniques to analyze, predict, improve reliability of complex systems, using fault trees, model-based testing, and architectural reliability modeling. 

Technically, distinguishing feature of my techniques is compositionality: I derive risk profiles from a complex systems from component risk profiles, using powerful techniques from model checking. This makes life easy, flexible and fast. 

Further, I am the director of Life Long Learning at EEMCS. 

Prof.dr. Henk Akkermans
(University of Tilburg / World Class Maintenance)

Henk Akkermans
Prof. dr. Henk Akkermans

Henk Akkermans holds the chair on Supply Network Dynamics at Tilburg University, Tilburg School of Economics and Management and is the Director of World Class Maintenance. His research in maintenance focuses on how to organize effective outsourcing arrangements in maintenance settings, on how to organize effective processing of sensor data in Condition-Based Maintenance settings and on improving behavioral decision-making in dynamically complex maintenance settings. His academic background is in information management (TiU) and industrial engineering (TUe).

Prof. dr. ir. Tiedo Tinga
(Netherlands Defence Academy)

Prof.dr.ir. Tiedo Tinga

Tiedo Tinga (1973) holds an MSc in Materials Science from University of Groningen and obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Eindhoven University of Technology) on the development of a micro-mechanical model for Ni-base superalloys in gas turbine blades.
He has been working as a senior scientist at the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR in the Netherlands for almost 10 years. There he ran several research projects in the field of computational mechanics, mainly concerning life assessments of airframe and gas turbine components. He is a professor in Maintenance Technology at the Netherlands Defence Academy and thus involved in the education of future officers for the Dutch Navy, Airforce and Armed forces. He is also leading the research program Maintenance of Military Platform Systems, which aims to combine scientific research to innovative maintenance concepts with practical applications within the ministry of Defence. Since 2012 he is also (part-time) professor in Dynamics based Maintenance at the University of Twente. There he is involved in setting up new maintenance-related courses and research on structural health and condition monitoring.

Dr.ir. Rob Basten
(Eindhoven University of Technology)

Rob Basten
Dr. ir. Rob Basten

Rob Basten is an Associate Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) where he is primarily occupied with maintenance and service logistics and its interfaces. Most of his research focuses on after sales services for capital goods: maintenance policies and maintenance optimization, spare parts inventory control, and design of after sales service supply chains. He is especially interested in using new technologies to improve after sales services. For example, 3D printing of spare parts on location and using improved sensoring and communication technology to perform ‘just in time’ maintenance. He is further active in behavioral operations management, trying to understand how people can use decision support systems in such a way that they actually improve decisions and add value. Many research projects are interdisciplinary in order to carry out high quality research and solve problems in practice. For the latter reason, research is typically performed in cooperation with high-tech industry: companies such as ASML, Océ, Vanderlande and Marel Stork. Experience with industry is also used in teaching, for example in the course Maintenance & Service Logistics.

Prof.dr. Jan Braaksma
(Director WCM Summer School / University of Twente)

Jan Braaksma
Dr. Jan Braaksma

Jan Braaksma is the director of the WCM Summer School part of World Class Maintenance and is Adjunct Professor and manager of the chair of Asset Management & Maintenance Engineering at the University of Twente. He has worked for the University of Groningen (RuG) and the Dutch Defense Academy (NLDA). He holds a Master’s degree in Business and ICT and a PhD degree in Economics and Business. Jan’s research focuses on Asset Management with a special attention for Asset Life Cycle Planning, Maintenance Engineering and Design for Maintenance. A significant part of his research is in cooperation with companies and organisations such as Liander, Strukton Rail, Netherlands Railways (NS), Prorail, Heineken, AkzoNobel, Sitech, Huntsman, Heijmans, Sabic, TataSteel and the Ministry of Defense. Jan is responsible for the Master Class on Asset Management & Maintenance Engineering provided by the University of Twente.

Dr. Wieger Tiddens
(Royal Netherlands Navy)

Wieger Tiddens
Dr. Wieger Tiddens

Wieger Tiddens is working for the Royal Netherlands Navy as innovator Smart Maintenance. He has obtained his PhD in the field of maintenance technology at the University of Twente and the Netherlands Defence Academy.

After his studies in Technology Management at the University of Groningen, he gained professional experience in the application and development of maintenance concepts and techniques within industry. In his PhD research, with his dissertation entitled “Setting Sail Towards Predictive Maintenance”, he focused on the organizational, as well as the technical aspects of the application of Predictive Maintenance to support informed maintenance decision making.
In his current role, he works within the ‘Data for Maintenance’ group on developing smart maintenance at the Royal Netherlands Navy. He especially concentrates on the application of maintenance analytics (i.e. Data Science) to improve the operational readiness of the Navy.

Dr. Chris Rijsdijk
(Royal Netherlands Navy)

Chris Rijsdijk
Dr. Chris Rijsdijk

Chris Rijsdijk is an assistant professor at the Netherlands Defence Academy. His main research interest has been directed towards “data driven decision support”.
Working in a military context, most of his case studies confine to maintenance decisions that may be supported by sensor data, but he has also been working at cases from industry.

Jacob Derks, MSc
(Tilburg University/World Class Maintenance)

Jacob Derks

Jacob Derks is a project developer at WCM. A lot of his work revolves around the application of digital technologies to support asset management decision making (e.g. Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics technologies).

In addition to WCM, Jacob is currently writing his doctoral dissertation at Tilburg University in the area of innovation management and works at the university as a lecturer in the areas of organization, strategy and supply chain management. During the summer school, Jacob assists with the organizational and practical tasks to be done.